Sunday, 20 May 2012

More Skyrim

I noticed these new Skyrim tattoos, check 'em out

Old meme is old

I doubt this guy was ever going to be an adventurer.

pretty cute and yet so manly [source]

As tribal goes, this is pretty epic, especially the battle axes.  [source] 

More under the jump!!  

Also check here and here for more Skyrim Tattoos

what's that you say? it's just a circle inside a diamond?  
No it's the sign of the 'thieves guild' of course  [source]

This is to do with Tamriel I think... [source]

another fancy version of the logo

This is going to be pretty awesome when finished, I couldn't find the 
original source though... 

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  1. Fifth one down represents hermaeus mora, the Daedric prince of knowledge